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7 Simple Steps to 7 Figures Online for Expats

James HopkinsFeatured Post 7 Simple Steps to 7 Figures Online for Expats
image of two people climbing a mountain representing the climb entrepreneurs must make to reach a 7 figure income

7 Simple Steps to 7 Figures Online for Expats

As an expat it can become very difficult to make an income that meets all of your needs. 

Many of the jobs available simply don’t pay enough for you to get by. 

Instead, you cover your rent, your bills and may be able to treat yourself at the end of the month (if you’re lucky). 

To help you break out of this cycle, we at The Lifestyle Marketeer have created 7 simple steps that you can follow to achieve the lifestyle you want.

The first step in this stage is to realise your job will never provide you with the life you want to live.

The fact that you’re reading this article is a good sign. Once you begin to understand that working a 9-5 job will never provide you with the life you want, you provide yourself with a foundation for change. 

After you’ve made this foundation, you must then look at your job and realise what you’re really being paid to do.

In reality, for most job’s you’re being paid to solve problems. 

At James Hopkins Coaching, we have found that whilst most people already have the skill sets to solve several problems, they choose to work for a company rather than themselves. 

While this is good if you’re developing a skill, it will never provide you with a life of freedom. 

This leads us to the third step towards making money online: Learning the skill of attracting customers to businesses.

No business can be successful without a solid customer base, they simply wouldn’t make a profit. 

With the help of James Hopkins Coaching you can begin learning the skills to attract customers not only in your own country, but in Spain, the UK, Thailand and even Japan.

After learning a particular skill, it’s time to perfect your skill set. The best way to do this is through practice. Learn from your mistakes to perfect your craft.

As you begin to perfect your skills, you’ll soon learn that there’s only so far book knowledge can take you. You need real world application.

You can read as many books, papers and articles as you want. The reality is, without the application these skills simply won’t serve you.

This is a common problem several of our clients have experienced at James Hopkins Coaching. 

Individuals have the skills and knowledge they need for success, but lack the ability to place them into action. 

After you have perfected your skill, it’s time for the 6th step. Leverage your experience and journey. 

Throughout your journey you would have learnt a great deal in regards to both skills and application. Use this to double-down on your business and increase your profits. 

After setting up a strong foundation, you also want to aim for constant progression. 

Remember, your competitors are always working to catch up with you. 

You want to always think forward. “How can I improve service A”. “How can I improve the systems within my business?”.

Stay one step ahead and your customers will always choose you over the competition. 

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