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About Me

I Help Expats Achieve Time, Location and Financial Independence by Learning Digital Advertising
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As expats, we have an amazing opportunity to experience life to the max.

Living abroad provides us with unique experiences unlike anything we’re used to back home. From the diverse and rich cultures, to the language, food, tropical climates and friendly locals — it’s no surprise that for many expats a short trip soon turns into a permanent relocation.

And, soon after, the realities and challenges of our new lifestyle start to arise.

This is exactly what happened to me back in 2016.

Having arrived in Thailand, like many do I headed off for a fun-filled adventure island hopping in the South. I soon fell in love with the country and didn’t want to leave.

The problem was, after I relocated to Chiang Mai to take a break from non-stop partying, I found it very difficult to find any decent kind of job opportunities other than teaching English. 

Somehow I found myself working at a call centre for a measly $500 per month! 

My savings were running out fast so I really didn’t have a choice. It was either that or teaching and I just didn’t fancy myself as much of a teacher (that would later change, as you’ll soon discover). 

As a result, my expat dream quickly turned into a nightmare!

Being broke and living in a foreign country is no joke, as no doubt many expats can attest to. I was barely surviving off my salary, and had to scrimp over every purchase – eating only at the cheapest local restaurants or cooking rice at home, rarely going out to socialise or taking trips, and basically doing nothing other than “living to work”, as they say.

I had no money, so I had no options.

But at the same time, the idea of returning home to Grey Old England filled me with even more dread!

Looking back I’m glad I had this experience. Because it forced me to become the man I am today. And, with my back against the wall, I was forced to figure out another way – a better way –  of living life as an expat.

For me and now over 400 of my students, that meant becoming a “digital entrepreneur”…

It meant learning how to work for myself online from anywhere, using just a laptop and Wifi connection. 

And it meant learning the High Income Skill of local business digital advertising.

This skill has allowed me to live the expat lifestyle I’d always dreamed of. And it’s a good job too…

Because not long afterwards I met and fell in love with my beautiful wife Arisa, and there was no way I was going back to England after that!

I struggled with my new business at first…

But after many sleepless nights and thousands invested in training and mentors, I finally “cracked the code” to running a digital advertising business and helping local businesses back in the West find new customers online.

I could barely believe it when my income skyrocketed from $1-2/month to $20k/month within a matter of weeks!

I now had enough time, money and freedom to do whatever I wanted, which included getting married and starting a family. Becoming a Dad and raising my little boy Cesar has been the proudest moment of my life.

By this point I was living in Bangkok, and it was here I was invited to speak at several entrepreneurship conferences. 

This led me to mentoring a number of young entrepreneurs and, to my surprise, I got the bug for teaching and sharing my knowledge of digital advertising.


The Lifestyle Marketeer Program was born.

It’s been an amazing adventure so far and we’re just getting started!

What began as just me and a handful of expat students, has grown leaps and bounds to a team of 10 Coaches and over 400 students!

I invite you to explore this site to find out more about what we can do for YOU.

Because you should know that whatever situation you’re in right now…

There IS a way out. 

A way any expat can create their dream lifestyle with a bit of hard work and elbow grease.

I’m living proof 🙂 

On your side,


International Public Speaker

After being recognised as one of the up and coming online entrepreneurs of 2017, I have been invited to speak at various International Entrepreneurship events across South East Asia. So far, in 2018 alone I have spoken at The Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Bangkok, Thailand and will soon be attending events across the continent including The Future City Summit in Hong Kong and The Global Entrepreneurship Mega-Bootcamp in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love sharing my story and inspiring other entrepreneurs to reach for their dreams.

Business Development Mentor

As well as providing a Digital Marketing Services and Coaching to my clients across the globe, I have also been responsible for mentoring over 80 young entrepreneurs throughout my career. I believe that there is so much more to life than getting rich and the feeling I get from helping young, aspiring entrepreneurs in getting their business off the ground is better than any pay check. We were all in their position at one time and a large part of my business mentality is to give something back to society and the grass-roots. This is something I believe everyone should try at some point!

Born and Bred Entrepreneur

Ever since school, I’ve always been entrepreneurial. From the age of 10, I bought sweets before school and sold them from my bag throughout the day for a profit. Hands on experience has been key to my development in business. However, I have been lucky enough to learn my Digital trade from some of the world’s leading online entrepreneurs; Mr Anik Singal (Copywriting Legend), Mr Dan Henry (Facebook Advertising Guru) and Mr Ben Angel (Marketing Strategy God) to name but a few. This personal grooming has given me the combination of knowledge I can call on to help you at any time.

Proud And Loving Family Man

James is a happily married family man and father of 1 son called Cesar. After living in Thailand for almost 5 years, they now enjoy the freedom to live and travel together with Cyprus being the next Expat destination in 2020. Having a business, income, time and freedom to give his family the life most people dream of was one of his primary motivators. Now several years down, after achieving it, building wealth for their collective future is another primary motivator for his efforts. With a 5 year plan set to take them to multiple 8 figures of net worth, dreams are only just beginning

Let’s Make Money!!

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