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Charlotte Lee – British expat living abroad

James HopkinsStandard Business Charlotte Lee – British expat living abroad

Charlotte Lee – British expat living abroad

Charlotte Lee is a British expat living abroad and currently traveling the world, jet setting from location to location.

When she came to James Hopkins Marketing, she was working a variety of jobs like teaching but nothing was able to truly fulfill the expat lifestyle.

Teaching was exciting initially, but just after a few weeks Charlotte came to the realization that she was working all day.

In her words, this endless cycle was “for not a massive amount of money, stuck in the same place… I may as well be back at home doing this”.

Charlotte was looking for freedom and she wasn’t going to get that working a job while living abroad.

She didn’t want to be chained to a job. She wanted location independence so she could be anywhere she wanted.

This would enable her to spend time with friends or go on holiday at her own desire.

Ultimately, she wanted control over where she could be.

She wanted to get paid as much as she did back home in the UK while living abroad.

So while the cost of living is cheaper abroad, the pay rate is still low relative to that.

The teaching job wasn’t going to give her the freedom to save more money so she could have more experiences around the world.

Charlotte has big goals for traveling. She wants to go to South America, South Africa, and Antarctica.

She knows that in order to do that, it requires a few things to enable her to travel to those places: time freedom, location freedom, and of course, financial freedom.

She can’t be tied down to a job in any particular location and she must make a healthy income wherever she is so that she can continue to travel to these places.

The only way for her to do that was to start her own online digital advertising business.

Charlotte looked at other business models before coming to James Hopkins Marketing. She did some research on blogging and becoming an influencer.

But very quickly, she saw that there was too much going on with those business models.

They required a ton of work, with very long hours to make a low income.

So while those people might be able to live abroad, they were tied to their computers.

The program she found with James Hopkins Marketing was as she says “the right thing to do”, because it focused on providing real value to clients that would lead to money for herself and for her travels.

This “value” was tied to digital advertising for local businesses where she would help them get customers.

Charlotte was able to secure an income of $4.600 per month from only 8 clients.

Not only is that income life-changing, she was able to do it in a matter of 14 days.

In just two weeks, she was able to create the income that would give her the lifestyle she always wanted.

The confidence boost was massive for her and given her the ability to sell to more clients.

Long-term, this income has given her the ability to plan her travels ahead of time.

Before, Charlotte would have to save up in every location she went to, unsure of how long she had to be there to save the money before going on to the next place.

She says “now I have the freedom to say ok I’m gonna go and travel for a little bit and then I’m going to settle somewhere. I’ve got the freedom to go to any place I want to go to but also, do the activities I want to do… go skydiving, that kind of thing”.

Charlotte has control over how she spends her time and where she gets to go. She gets to live the expat lifestyle on her own terms.

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