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THIS Gives You a Location Independent Lifestyle

By James Hopkins
Learn to work remotely

THIS Gives You a Location Independent Lifestyle

I’m curious…


What DON’T you like about being an expat?


It’s a dangerous question I know!


Let’s face it…


Some expats like to complain like it’s a national sport — I’m sure you’ve met the type…


Bitter old dudes clinging to their bottles of Chang into the early hours.


It’s enough to put anyone off living abroad long term.


But, enough about them…


Because if there’s one thing about expat life we can all agree royally sucks…


…is missing special occasions back home due to work commitments or money constraints.








And, god forbid, funerals.


I used to hate not being able to head back home to the UK whenever I wanted.


Not only did I feel like I was missing out…


But in a way I felt like I was letting my friends and family down by not being there.


I don’t know about you?


But even though they encouraged my expat lifestyle…


I still felt guilty when I couldn’t be there for them.


Luckily, I’ve left that guilt long behind now… 


Because I discovered a way any expat — with a bit of hard work and elbow grease — can create their ultimate dream lifestyle.


It’s a PROVEN and ETHICAL way to make money from anywhere in the world…


No 9-5, no boss, no “hours” or limited vacation time…


I can travel where I want, whenever I want. So if I do want to go back home


I can.


Or if I want to “try out” a new country…


I can.


And all because I found a legitimate way to work online from my laptop, genuinely helping people and getting paid well to do it.


What is it?




You see, when you learn digital advertising…


It’s easy to start helping local businesses (in your home country) find new customers.


And you don’t need a degree, lots of time or money to get started.


Plus, there’s a never ending supply of businesses out there who need help!




They won’t give a flying you-know-what if you’re living in Thailand, Argentina, Vietnam, China, Europe, or wherever…


You can help them from anywhere!


That’s the power of this “cookie cutter” business model and the HUGE opportunity we have as Western expats…




With this highly paid skill, you’ll be able to work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. 


I’ve taught 400 students and counting how to do it inside The Lifestyle Marketeer Program.


If you want to find out how they did it…


>> Book your free discovery call here

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