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Helping Business Owners Remotely Through COVID-19 Part 3

James HopkinsStandard Business Helping Business Owners Remotely Through COVID-19 Part 3
Help Businesses get ahead during these unprecedented time. Stand out as a leader.

Helping Business Owners Remotely Through COVID-19 Part 3

By now in this 3 part series from James Hopkins Coaching on How To Stay Ahead of The Current Situation tackling the globe, you’ve understood the importance of..

  1. Taking advantage of opportunities to help other businesses and guide them through a time where they can make serious changes to their business
  2. Focusing on being a leader that steps up to help businesses and lead them from a place where they don’t have to fear about the future, but can thrive in it

These two simple shifts alone can be game changing if you are starting your own online social media business.

Now, the key is in guiding business owners with the right intentions.

This means you are NOT taking advantage of them and you are focusing on helping them.

But the big question is, how do you do that exactly?

Here are a couple of ways you can do that.

The first thing you can do is alter how your service offering is sold.

This applies to you specifically as the marketer.

What we teach our students inside James Hopkins Coaching are the 3 big areas of online marketing.

These include Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What you want to do is look at how you can help create an offer your clients’ market actually wants in this current time.

Where can you bridge the gap between where the market is right now and how they can effectively use your client’s service?

You want to create a service that helps them with their overall goal. 

The entire picture that leads to the result of them keeping their business open and making money delivering their services in different ways.

They will not know how to reposition their business in a way that can still be run and utilized from their home or their customers’ home.

This leads to the next thing which is actually repositioning the client’s offer.

You want to give businesses an opportunity to still land and service customers in a way that fires everyone.

Remember, consumers still want these services that your clients offer!

Make sure you focus on current trends like the “isolation” of society right now. People are at home more and spending more time on their phones, televisions, and computers.

How can your client help them with their burning desires right now?

And what are those burning desires?

Most clients are not thinking like this. They’re worried that they can’t provide services to anyone right now and that is simply not true.

Many businesses have services that can either be delivered online for the time being or provide a supplemental service that can be delivered online at home.

Get creative! Are there services they provide that can shift to this new area?

You may need to go back to basics to learn more about what your client’s customers want and what they are thinking about even more now that they’re home all day with more free time.

At James Hopkins Coaching, we’re constantly coming up with new strategies and ways to help business owners that are our students are using to not only land new clients, but help them grow their businesses too.

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