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How to “Fly” Your Way to $10k/month

By James Hopkins 
Increase your monthly income with digital advertising

How to “Fly” Your Way to $10k/month

Imagine you’re flying somewhere tomorrow…

You’ve just spent the summer in Europe, but winter’s coming so you’re jetting-off for the sun soaked shores of Bali.

It’s up to you…

See, the destination doesn’t matter so much in this little scenario, but rather HOW you get there.

Let me explain:

When you’re flying somewhere, what’s the first thing you do?

Book the flight of course. Which is always pretty exciting…even if a little nerve racking in case you EF it up!

Then, on the day of the flight, you get a taxi/train or whatever to the airport.

And then?

Well, like everyone knows, you go and check-in, or at least go and do the bag drop.


Head to security, making sure to down your last drop of water on the way!

After that you just have to make sure you get to the gate on time, before queuing to take your seat.

Even on the plane you know what comes next with the safety demonstration, meal service, waiting to get off etc etc.

The point is there’s a routine you have to follow — a set path that doesn’t deviate and you always know EXACTLY what to do next to arrive at your destination.

So what?

Well, this is exactly the way I designed the Lifestyle Marketeer Program…

For example, here’s a list of the first 4 modules you gain access to when you sign up:

Week 1 – Preparing you for the Journey Ahead

Module 1: Welcome to The Lifestyle Marketeer

Module 2: What it Takes to Succeed

Module 3: The Marketeer Mindset

Week 2 – Digital Advertising Business 101

Module 1: Local Marketing in a Nutshell

Module 2: Clients: The Core of Your Business

Module 3: Sales Funnels Basics

Module 4: Importance of Market Research

Week 3 – Your 4 Figure Offer Creation

Module 1: The Bread and Butter of your Business

Module 2: Your Service Offering

Module 3: Your Offer

Week 4 – Becoming a Business

Module 1: Setting Up Your Website

Module 2: Contact Details Setup

Module 3: Facebook Presence Setup

Module 4: Google Setup

Module 5: LinkedIn Setup

Module 6: Receiving Payments

Pretty cool, right?

Everything’s laid out for you step-by-step, all you have to do is to take action and follow the PROVEN systems and templates provided for you.

No more worrying about what to do next or whether you’ve done things correctly. 

No more second guessing yourself.

And no more wasting weeks/months/years working on the WRONG things.


The program let’s you get your head down, confident you’re working on the RIGHT things.

Do this and you’ll soon be “flying” your way to your first 10k/month.

Instead of scrambling around the airport like a lost child, no closer to hitting your bizniss goals than you were last year.

If you want to find out more about the program…

>> Then speak to one of my coaches by booking a call here

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