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How To Map Out The Income You Desire

James HopkinsFeatured Post How To Map Out The Income You Desire
Map with money on it. Earn money through your digital marketing agency anywhere on the globe.

How To Map Out The Income You Desire

When you have a goal in mind, you have to know how to get there.

You need to have your sights set on the target and be willing to get there, while being equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools at your disposal. 

Whenever someone comes to James Hopkins Coaching for help, we focus on these three things. But we also need to make sure that you are on the right track.

Let’s say you were the captain of a ship heading to an amazing destination at an island. 

You are in complete control of the ship and what it does to get there.

You may have to operate within naval guidelines, but that’s beside the point.

It’s your ship.

Where would you go? How would you get there? Do you have what it takes to reach your destination?

With the skills to get there, of course, you have what it takes!

You’re a CAPTAIN. You are in complete control.

And when you safely get to your destination, it’s fun in the sun, right?

But to reach the island, you have to learn what’s necessary to get there.

A captain doesn’t become a captain without having the proper skills in their arsenal.

And for anyone who is trying to be the “captain of their income”, they need the skills to be able to do that.

No, it doesn’t require 10 years of schooling to do it. 

But it does require some learning and application (as does anything in life, even with James Hopkins Coaching).

If you were to learn the skill set that lands you $1000-$4000 per month every single month, putting you in control of your income, would you do it?

Would you set sail to “income island”, equipped with the skills to get there?

The truth is, everyone has their own idea of “income island” and what that means to them.

Every person has a different idea of what they want their income to be.

When people come to James Hopkins Coaching, some want $3000 per month.

Others want $5000 per month.

Or it could be $9000 per month.

Whatever that number is for you, you need to embrace it.

Don’t compare your island to someone else’s island.

Because guess what…

It’s still an island! Aren’t all islands amazing?

I know I’m speaking metaphorically, but hear me out…

If you finally get to this amazing destination that you’ve been longing to get to, you’re going to be ecstatic when you get there.

We always associate tropical islands with this euphoric feeling.

And that same feeling is exactly what appears when you reach the income security that you want for your life.

More importantly, when you reach the income security that YOU want.

Don’t worry about someone else’s goal or what their island looks like. Your goal is the only one that matters to you. You know what “income island” you want, and once you get there, you see how amazing it is.

When you have a clear goal in mind and an income that you want, then you should battle every 20-foot wave to get there.

Because when you arrive at “income island”, you’ll realize the journey was totally worth it, especially since you were in control of getting there.

We’ve helped over 500+ people at James Hopkins Coaching, “guiding their ships” to the income island so they can create both the security and freedom they want for their lives.

It truly is an amazing feeling when you reach the goal that you’ve worked hard for. It’s not easy, and it never should be (or else everyone would be doing it).

But building an income for yourself and reaching your goals is one of the biggest achievements you could have.

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