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How To Stay Ahead of The COVID-19 Crisis By Helping Business Owners In Need Online Part 1

James HopkinsStandard Business How To Stay Ahead of The COVID-19 Crisis By Helping Business Owners In Need Online Part 1
Stay Home Stay Safe image promoting remote work and help businesses online

How To Stay Ahead of The COVID-19 Crisis By Helping Business Owners In Need Online Part 1

The current state of business has changed as a result of COVID-19.

Now, this isn’t the time to panic, but it’s a time to take things seriously.

The stock markets are in fluctuation, brick and mortar businesses are forced to shut down temporarily, and people have to turn to remote work for their jobs.

There are a lot of businesses who need help right now and need to get ahead.

This doesn’t mean that businesses need to close down permanently.

In fact, it’s the best time for them to take action in a world of NEW opportunity. And it’s exactly what we’re teaching all of our Marketeers at James Hopkins Marketing.

This means, they are looking for serious help in growing their business and adapting to the current times. 

This is really important because money is made DURING a recession.

Contrary to popular belief, people spend money to ensure their business can survive and their lives are protected so they minimize the impact of blows like this with preparation and prevention measures.

If you are starting a digital marketing business, this does not mean that you are taking advantage of what’s going on right now.

In fact, you are helping business owners to not only maintain their business, but to come out of this stronger than ever when the economy gets back to normal.

Businesses don’t want to be forced to close up shop, so they’re willing to invest in the help to adapt and overcome the crisis that is only just beginning. This is where the marketers from James Hopkins Coaching are stepping up to help.

The ones who invest in their growth are the ones who will survive now and will thrive when everything recovers. They won’t have debts to pay or bankruptcy to deal with.

This is the OPPORTUNITY of NOW.

You need to focus on helping others during this time by providing them with incredible value that can help their business.

Social Media businesses are needed now more than ever. They help businesses get in front of potential customers who are still in need of a service a client offers. 

These businesses know they need to get online because people are spending more time online now that they’re at home with more free time.

There is less foot traffic in stores so these businesses need to advertise where people are spending their time (online).

Because businesses are in desperate need of help, you can be the one to help them adapt to the current time.

This will enable you to provide services that help them tweak their service to adapt to a time of “social distancing”.

If a business provides a service that usually requires in person contact, how can this be changed for the current time?

How can it be taken online?

What can be done to provide this service using technology that doesn’t require a face to face, in-person interaction?

It’s time to get creative. 

In the next part in this series from James Hopkins Coaching, we’ll break down the different ways you can do this.

The important thing right now is that you realize that this is a goldmine of opportunity to help people improve their businesses and thrive during a time when they need it.

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