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Success Story – Alia K

James HopkinsStandard Business Success Story – Alia K
Alia K Journey to 10k per month from her digital marketing business

Success Story – Alia K

Amidst the craziness of the coronavirus, lockdowns, and the world pandemic, Alia managed to build her business and push forward.

She had a corporate marketing background but had a major interest in fitness.

So instead of moving forward with marketing, she studied 3 months to become a personal trainer.

But instead of becoming a personal trainer once she was able to do it, she came across James Hopkins Marketing and decided to jump into the program.

Alia says that with a corporate background, she could just show up and do some work.

But with the program at James Hopkins Marketing, she knew she couldn’t slack off. She was going to have to double down and get to work every single day and not lose sight of her goal of $10k per month.

She admits she was skeptical before she first came to the program. But after she had watched some of the live training, read the emails, and saw the testimonials, she began to look deeper.

Eventually, she got on a call with a Client Coach at James Hopkins Marketing and the rest was history.

Alia didn’t want to be hesitant and knew it was going to increase her chances of starting a successful business. She knew she had nothing to lose.

She was able to dive into the training but it took her about 2 months to really start and get things going after taking some time off around the holidays and traveling.

In January, she jumped in and pushed hard with her new business and very quickly, she started to see some results in landing her first client.

Over the course of a few months, she averaged around $2500 per month which is life-changing. She admits that was what her salary was just 2 years before, and now she is making this income on her own.

But Alia admits that this isn’t a stopping poitn for her. On her wall, she has “10k” written down because that is her ultimate goal. 

So although $2500 per month might seem like a huge achievement, Alia isn’t letting herself get complacent and stay in her comfort zone. She’s going to keep pushing forward.

The most important achievement for her, however, is that newfound freedom she has after building her business with James Hopkins Marketing.

She says “I love that I get to work wherever, whenever, no one’s on my case. That’s so important for me because I want to continue traveling while working. A lot of my friends are super envious of my life and I’m blessed”.

She also loves the relationships she builds with clients and the opportunities that come with it. She’s been offered jobs and chances to come out to see clients’ businesses. 

This alone has been huge for her and worth far more than the monetary achievement.

Alia says the program and community has been extremely helpful for her because it is constantly motivating her to work, especially when she checks the private group and sees people landing clients.

It keeps her pushing forward so that the $10k month can be a reality for her.

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