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Success Story: Elayna S.

James HopkinsFeatured Success Story: Elayna S.
Success Photo James Hopkins Coaching

Success Story: Elayna S.

Elayna Snyder – $5000/month from 6 clients – thelifestylemarketeer

Elayna is a US-native expat who spent many years in Japan and now currently lives in Berlin.
She always felt she had an entrepreneurial spirit behind her, even before coming to James
Hopkins Coaching.
She would dabble in different ideas like web design, painting, and cleaning houses in addition to
teaching online.
Elayna would go back and forth between various entrepreneurial endeavors and teaching.
Because she cares about connecting with people, she expanded and grew beyond her wildest
Coming to James Hopkins Coaching was a big deal for her because she had no previous
experience in the online business space. She never ventured into online courses or other
programs, so she came in with a fresh mind.
With a perfectionist mindset, she jumped into the program forcing herself to take action instead
of trying to get everything right.
She wanted to tailor and get everything right, but she knew she needed to jump right in.
Elayna says she got the support she needed so she could take action and get moving, building
her business from the ground up.
When she landed her first client, it was “exciting and nerve wracking”. She knew she was
refining something in terms of the bigger picture.
Early on, she was able to review her strategy session calls with prospects which took her out of
her comfort zone.
Today, is applying those same principles and strategies to her clients and help them with their
One client even thought she was doing marketing and sales training for years since college!
But in reality, Elayna had only been doing it for far less than that. It just turns out that she built
highly valuable skills in sales and marketing from what she learned with James Hopkins
Coaching and used those to build her business.
Throughout her time in the program, she made tweaks along the way so she could work better
with her clients and provide a more tailored service. Over time, it has evolved into something

she can call her own as she continues to provide exceptional customer service to clients in her
Even through the time period of lockdowns and quarantines due to the spread of COVID-19 and
the ensuing pandemic, she was still able to land 6 clients and generate $5000+ per month for
her new digital marketing business.
While people think businesses are shutting down, Elayna has been able to drastically grow her
And more so, Elaya sees the greater potential in what her business can ultimately be beyond
the financial numbers.
She is far more focused on the connections and network she is able to build with her new
This has allowed her to reshape and refine what she’s doing so she can build a long-term,
sustainable business that gets great results for her clients.
The program has allowed her to get her foot in the door and give her the tools she needed.
Elayna has taken what she has learned from James Hopkins Coaching and expanded on it as
she continues to grow her business to new heights.

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