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Monday - Friday 09:00AM-17:00PM
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Don't take our word for it, see what our marketeers have to say.

Lara Mcilwraith

7 Clients Paying $5,500/Month

“I now have 7 Paying clients whilst juggling a full time job and 1 year old baby. Time to leave my job and enjoy my life with my family”

Lee Richardson

6 Clients Paying $9,500/Month

“I’ve got 6 clients now within 90 days and have just booked my 1 way Ticket to Thailand thanks to the Program”

Laura G

2 Clients Paying $3,000/Month

“I was SO SCEPTICAL but after speaking with James, I was confident this was what I needed to turn my Corporate Experience into a Client Based Business of my Own”

Tor Abrams

3 Clients Paying $5,000/Month

“I found James on Facebook and after speaking with other students in the program, took the leap. After implementing what he taught I had 51 businesses interested in working with me in just 1 day.” 

Nick Elia

4 Clients Paying $2,000/Month

“The pre-made funnels are unbelievable. They tell us exactly what to do!” 

Laura Platt

9 Clients Paying $5,500/Month

“After working in Corporate IT for 10 years, I came travelling and needed a way of staying with my Girlfriend in Bali… The program has given me EXACTLY that!” 

Ben Palmer

+$3,000 To Monthly Income

“I used the prebuilt systems to DOUBLE my Personal Training business in Vietnam AND bring on 2 Digital Marketing clients, tripling my income in just a few weeks” 

Xan Lindow

3 Clients Paying $3,000/Month

“I’ve joined other programs before and never had any success. The Lifestyle Marketeer Program is different as it’s broken down step by step. Then with the 1 to 1 support, it’s everything you need to succeed” 

Anish Karadia

3 Clients Paying $2,700/Month

“I’ve landed 3 clients as a side income whilst fulfilling my duties s a head teacher at an international school in Bangkok. If I can do it working a couple hours a day, anyone can!”

Charlotte Lee

7 Clients Paying $4,600/Month

“Joining The Lifestyle Marketeer Program has enabled me to build a business that’s supporting my dream of becoming a sky diving instructor!” 

Peter Goldsmith

9 Clients Providing Retirement Security

“I’ve landed 9 clients which has helped me build real security for my retirement”

Justin Colon

3 clients paying $3,500/Month

“Following the steps laid out, I’m making $3,500/Month” 

Niall Bradley

3 Clients paying $4,100/Month

“In less than 90 days, I had landed 3 high paying clients, doubling my income from teaching”

Benjamin Yost

7 Clients Paying $7,000/Month

“I quickly scaled my business to $7,000/Month and I’m now able to live the life I want with my Girlfriend in Argentina” 

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