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The 3 Mindset Shifts Your Client Needs to Retain Them For Life

James HopkinsMasonry The 3 Mindset Shifts Your Client Needs to Retain Them For Life

The 3 Mindset Shifts Your Client Needs to Retain Them For Life

As a business owner, there is one factor that will significantly impact how much you enjoy running your business: your clients.

At James Hopkins Coaching, we have found that clients can be the difference between a harmonious relationship and one that simply causes you a headache. 

To ensure you not only have a great relationship with your clients, but also retain them throughout the years, you need to establish three key mindset shifts. 

These mindset shifts will allow you to ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to collaborating. 

Firstly, you need them to understand that you’re the expert.

This is a common problem we see with digital marketers at James Hopkins Coaching. 

They’re extremely happy to sign their first few clients, however they soon find that their new client is trying to take over the project. 

Business owners are used to managing each area of their business from operations and sales to accounting and HR.

As a result, they may try to take over the marketing campaign you’re setting up for them. 

In order to prevent this from happening, you need to establish the fact that you’re a digital marketing expert.

It is you, not them, that will be in charge of the campaign. Once goals have been established, they should leave everything for you to focus on. 

Ensuring that your clients are aware of this from the onset will ensure effective collaboration. 

The second shift your client will need to make, is to understand that paid advertising works much like a tree. You start with a seed and wait for the results to come.

It is your job to create the foundation for this tree to sprout by finding the right target market and producing the right creative to engage with them.

However, much like a tree growing this will take time. 

Make sure that your client doesn’t expect to wake up a millionaire after a budget of $10 over a week. This simply isn’t realistic and they will be disappointed from the onset. 

To create a client that you retain, you must manage their expectations effectively. Give them rough predictions of the return they can expect but don’t overpredict results. 

At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe it’s better to underpredict and overdeliver than to overpredict and fail to deliver. 

The final mindset shift your client will need to make is to understand that ROI isn’t necessarily made in the first month, it’s a compounding result that builds up over time. 

This is certainly the case when it comes to new businesses in a market. 

We have found that many new businesses will expect high returns in the first month. 

However, ROI must have the time to compound before producing fantastic results.

At James Hopkins Coaching, we always express that pointing this out from the onset is crucial. 

If your client is expecting large returns after only a month of advertising, it may be very difficult for you to deliver. 

Make this clear and when the results come in you will gain a great deal of trust from your client.

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