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The Best Way To Get Proof Of Results When You Have Zero Experience

James HopkinsMasonry The Best Way To Get Proof Of Results When You Have Zero Experience

The Best Way To Get Proof Of Results When You Have Zero Experience

When you start out on your journey of building your digital social media advertising business for local businesses, chances are that your new client is going to want to see some results.

Now, this isn’t always the case and many clients don’t even ask for it.

There are also ways to work around this when a prospective client might be looking for it.

But to save yourself the headaches and make for a smoother sales process, you can turn a prospect into a client just with the help of some proof of results.

At James Hopkins Marketing, we love client proof of results, because it does in fact make things easier to get more clients.

When you have proof that the services you provide actually work, it’s much harder for a prospect to say no.

For example, if you can show a plumbing prospect that you got 25 leads in the past for a client, and of those 25 leads, 6 of them became clients paying $800 on average for a service, then that plumber is going to want your help with their business.

This is great of course, but the real question is, how do you get those results in the first place?

If you don’t have any clients and you’re trying to get your first client, but you need proof of results to get that first client, then how is it possible?

It sounds like it would make people get stuck. And when people come to James Hopkins Marketing for help, we can see why.

But there is an easy workaround to this that makes it so much easier.

And when you do this, you get the results you need so that future prospects will not second guess your ability to get results, regardless of how bad you are at selling!

We teach our students at James Hopkins Marketing to follow this strategy because it drastically speeds up their results in getting clients and building their business.

So to get the proof of results, all you have to do is provide a free trial to a client.

You can work with them on the basis that you’ll provide the service free of charge, in exchange for a testimonial or case study that you can use for your business.

The only expenses that come from their end are for their ads or any software that they might need.

Those costs are trivial compared to the results that you’ll give them.

In fact, most clients say yes to this in a heartbeat because they really have nothing to lose.

They get someone to provide the service for free and handle their marketing while they spend a few hundred dollars on advertising campaigns (they they don’t have to touch) in order to bring in more customers to their business.

It’s a situation that clients would love. 

And in fact, you’ll find that if you provide a high quality service that gets them results, the client will not only give you a testimonial, but chances are they’ll pay you to continue providing them the service! We don’t shy away from this at James Hopkins Marketing.

Imagine you’re a business owner who got a service for free, and now you’re getting sales from this free service. So in order to keep getting this service so that you can keep getting new customers, you’re definitely going to pay to keep it going!

Now that you have these results and a paying client, you can get new clients using those results. 

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