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The Equation To Build Your Digital Marketing Business

James HopkinsStandard Business The Equation To Build Your Digital Marketing Business
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The Equation To Build Your Digital Marketing Business

While the ultimate goal for most is time and location freedom, you have to build income security in order to get there.
It’s the stepping stone to living the lifestyle you want and we make sure everyone at James Hopkins Marketing knows this.
Remember, I don’t care about fancy stuff, first-class travel, exotic cars, or mansions. I don’t care about the flashy stuff that “gurus” talk about.
I’m a family man and what I truly care about is taking care of them.
And in simple terms, I do that by helping other businesses.
So when I talk about income security, I’m seriously referring to covering just a bit over your basic needs that gives you a comfortable lifestyle.
Anything above that is surplus.
Now, to make sure you reach the income you want, you need to break it down.
And there’s a perfect equation for it that’s been helpful for every student at James Hopkins Marketing.
I = H + C + R
Of course, “I” is the income security that you generate that builds the lifestyle you want.
Let’s break down what that income security is.

(H)ighly Valuable Skill
When you have a highly valuable skill, it directly leads to your income because it makes you irreplaceable.
Notice that it’s not just a “skill”. It’s a “highly valuable skill”, something we can’t stress enough at James Hopkins Marketing.
This differentiator is important because it is what separates you from the masses.
With this skill, like digital marketing, for instance, you no longer go unnoticed or undervalued.

When you take the highly valuable skill and use it to provide a service for clients, they will pay you for the result you give them.
Without clients, there is no business.
But getting clients doesn’t need to be difficult.
You can easily learn the skills and put in the work that leads to landing the client and helping them in the long term growth of their business.
Because once you build confidence in your skillset, and you learn the skills to close the client, you build a great relationship client where you continuously help them.

This leads to the next one.

When you retain a client, they pay you every month.
Ultimately, this is what adds to long-lasting income. And everyone who comes to James Hopkins Marketing looks for this.
Income security is built when you have a steady income every single month.
So not only do you receive payment from clients for the first month, but your highly valuable skill leads to them staying with you for years because you’re constantly helping
them grow their businesses.
You might think that helping someone grow their business seems like it’s a difficult task.
But in fact, it’s not.
Or rather, it’s not something to be concerned about when you have the right strategies, as well as the right people in your corner helping you along the way.
Businesses just want to know if you can help them in an area that they don’t know about.
So when you learn a highly valuable skill that helps them in that area, you’re the go-to person for them.

All you have to do is apply this equation when starting out, and income security becomes a tangible thing in your life.

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