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The Fastest Way To Achieve Your Dream Expat Lifestyle

By James Hopkins
Learn how to quit the rat race and become your own boss

The Fastest Way To Achieve Your Dream Expat Lifestyle

Thought I’d mix things up today with a confession

I haven’t told many people this but…

…it’s time I let the cat out the bag.

You see, I’m originally from Yorkshire.

“God’s own country”

So the saying goes.

And yet…

I support Coventry City!

That’s right…

The MIGHTY Sky Blues!


Please don’t hold it against me 🙂

Why Coventry?

Because that’s the team my Dad supported. 

And the team his Dad supported.

And everyone on his side of the family.

Maybe you can relate?

Because growing up, we’re easily influenced by our family members…

Especially when it comes to sports teams.

But it’s true in other areas of life too…

We see what our parents and older relatives do and we follow their lead..

And when we get older…

…they often pressure us into making the life choices they would make…

Even if they don’t realise it.

They only want what’s best for us after all. 


Sometimes, when we make unconventional choices, we need to look for help outside of our circle of family and friends.

Because the fastest way to achieve your goals is to find someone who has already done what you want to do…

And do everything you can to emulate their success.

There’s NO point reinventing the wheel!

What’s strange is when we get older, so many of us want to do everything on our own when we’re trying to change our lives for the better.

Whether it’s getting into better shape, learning a new hobby, or starting a business…

Our independent streak rears its head and we refuse to ask for help.

Don’t get me wrong…

Independence is GREAT!

I want to control my destiny and I bet you do too.

But sometimes it can hold us back.

Think about it…

In football, all the top teams have a manager. 

The manager doesn’t just set the formation and tactics, he’s there to ADVISE the players on how to reach peak performance. 

And there’s a whole bunch of coaches in the background training the players EVERY DAY on shooting, strength, and stamina.


Maybe not at Coventry City!



It’s not just football of course.

I’m no tennis fan…

However, I know enough about it to know they all have a coach. 

And the top coaches are HIGHLY sought after, due to the impact they can have on a player’s career.

It’s the same with golf…

They have coaches and also a caddy walking the course with them…they’re not just there to carry the clubs but to give advice on EVERY SHOT!

The point is…

If there’s one major reason why students inside The Lifestyle Marketeer Program are experiencing incredible success in so little time…

…it’s because they all admitted they needed a little help. 

Just like elite athletes do to reach the top 🙂

They were willing to learn from my experience growing a digital advertising business to 20k/month…

Someone who’s ALREADY done what they want to do…

…to massively shortcut their success. 

In many cases…

They’re achieving financial freedom and location-independence FAR quicker than I did! 

Everyday in the members only Facebook group, expats living all over the world are landing clients in their home countries, and earning more than ever before by working less hours.

They can travel anywhere, anytime…

…without worrying about a boss, office, employees or how to keep funding their travels.

But listen…

I’m not going to lie to you.

You CAN learn this stuff on your own.

But the likelihood is…

It’s going to take A LOT longer.

I should know! 

At first, I tried to do everything on my own…

Thinking “I know best.”

I wasted months and thousands of dollars making unnecessary mistakes, when I could’ve just paid a coach to shortcut my success.

When I did eventually admit I needed help and found a mentor already doing what I wanted to do…



I still have mentors to this day, and pass on what I learn to my students…

So when you join the program, you’re getting access to me and all the latest strategies and tactics for building a lucrative, location-independent income.

I’m the “football coach” and my students are the “players”…

And many are quickly turning into world class strikers!

Want me to be your coach too?

I know what you’re thinking…

Many of us have been burned by “coaches” in the past.

An online course that promised the world and didn’t deliver.

I’ve experienced that too and I know it sucks.

That’s why If I can’t help you I’ll say so. 


I only want to work with expats who are 100% committed to creating their dream lifestyle of travel and financial freedom.

You don’t have to be a superstar yet, but unless you’re willing to be coached…

And unless you have a BURNING desire to live an unconventional life most will only ever dream about.

Then we’re probably not a good fit. 

But if you’re up for the challenge?

>> Then speak to one of my coaches by booking a call here

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