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Benjamin Palmer – The Key To His Success

James HopkinsFeatured Benjamin Palmer – The Key To His Success
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Benjamin Palmer – The Key To His Success

Benjamin Palmer is a Texas-native who has been working as a fitness coach for 7 and a half years.

For about 5 of those years, he’s lived abroad, traveling and exploring new locations whether that’s in London, Ho Chi Minh, or other exotic locations in Southeast Asia.

He’s been able to make an income as a fitness coach at different gyms while traveling, and it’s something that he’s passionate about.

The one roadblock he faced was that he knew that if he continued down this path, he was going to keep trading time for money and reach a ceiling with his income.

He gets a ton of fulfillment from his personal training and coaching that he does, but the energy that it requires on a day to day basis limits the amount of money he can make.

So ultimately, when he came to James Hopkins Marketing, he was looking to supplement his income as a side hustle.

When he jumped into the program, he took action immediately.

And within 30 days, he had already generated an additional $3,000 per month to his income using the methods taught in the training.

He was able to land some clients to do marketing, but one of the big accomplishments he made was growing his personal training business.

He was able to increase his personal training income by $1500 simply by spending only $100 on Facebook ads and landing local clients for himself.

The ROI for his ads were nothing less than incredible and gave him more opportunities to work with more people.

In fact, he had people reaching out to him for his services because they saw that what he was doing was working and they knew he could help them.

Because of Ben’s ability to leverage what he learned from James Hopkins Marketing, he’s now in a much better position.

“It allows me to position myself to where I’m not reliant on a gym for my main source of income” he says.

Even though Ben was able to travel for over 5 years, he was still dependent on a physical gym location wherever he went.

Originally, he thought location independence meant he had to be a programmer or a coder, or something that involved more technical skills.

Now, he realizes that’s not the case and that anyone can build an income from anywhere in the world.

With his new skillset from James Hopkins Marketing, he’s made location independence a reality in his life.

He attributes his success to the ongoing support he received online from the program because it gave him the ability to connect with others and get feedback on what he’s doing to get results.

Ben knows that even though he had access to training that would change his life, he still had to put in the work and “move the pieces” to actually build something.

When we caught up with Ben later, we found that he’s been traveling to Spain and other parts of Europe even moved to Costa Rica for a bit.

He’s created the lifestyle that he’s always wanted without any kind of income cap using the skills he’s learned from James Hopkins Marketing.

For this fitness expert, there’s nothing that will stop him from achieving more.

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