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The Real Benefit of Quitting Your 9 – 5 Job

James HopkinsFeatured The Real Benefit of Quitting Your 9 – 5 Job
Quit Your 9 to 5 Job

The Real Benefit of Quitting Your 9 – 5 Job

One of the biggest goals for people who come to James Hopkins Marketing is they want to quit their job.

This is a huge starting point for many people because a job is what keeps them from living the life they want.

When someone has goals of lifestyle freedom and location independence, it usually starts with needing to quit their job.

Because with a job, they remain stuck in the same place, working 40+ hours per week, 5 days a week with little vacation time to do the things they want.

Lifestyle freedom and location independence are in fact, the complete opposite of having a job.

They focus on NOT being tied down to any one location with the freedom and flexibility to not only explore other locations, but with control over how they spend their time.

For example, one person who comes to James Hopkins Marketing may want lifestyle freedom so they can travel and explore new places while not having to worry about money.

For another person, it could be living in one location like Bangkok or Cape Town, and live comfortably, enjoying the lifestyle while not having to worry about money as well.

So when I talk about freedom and flexibility of location independence, I’m not referring to jetsetting across the world (unless that’s your thing).

For most, it’s simply having the ability to go wherever you want, when you want, that is the most appealing.

With a job, you have to request time off and hope that the boss will actually approve it.

And then how much time do you really get to go on holiday?

2 weeks?

Maybe a month total throughout the year?

When you have complete control over your situation, you get to choose when you get to go where you want.

And the thing is, with true freedom and flexibility there is more than just traveling.

It’s really about how you spend your time throughout the day.

Who do you want to spend your time with?

What do you want to do when you wake up in the morning and you don’t have to commute to work?

What will you do when you can take afternoons off?

This is what makes true freedom and flexibility so important.

For me, I didn’t want to be a slave to the corporate system and wanted to create a life for myself with the freedom to do what I wanted.

It’s what allowed me to spend time with my Thai girlfriend, eventually get married, raise a child, and live comfortably while traveling to wherever I want.

The benefits of quitting your job far outweigh the initial desires to do so.

It’s always good to set a good reason for why you want to quit your job, like location independence or having control over your life instead of giving it to your boss.

But the greatest benefits come in the smallest ways.

Like when you are no longer undervalued for the work you do.

Like when you don’t have someone breathing down your neck or have to waste time in unnecessary meetings.

Like when you have complete control over how you spend your day.

There are so many more benefits than just these.

But when you start to realize just how much you can do when you have true freedom and flexibility, the options are endless.

People come to James Hopkins Marketing because they have some reason why they want to quit their job.

When they finally achieve it, they realize the benefits are so much more than they could ever have imagined.

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