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How to Quit Your Job and Work From Anywhere

By James Hopkins
Freedom for expats through Digital Advertising for service based businesses.

How to Quit Your Job and Work From Anywhere

A few years ago I was broke and working in a call centre in Thailand…


For a miserable $500/month!


Well, while it sucked (obviously!)…it did give me time to research a better way to make money from anywhere…


Here’s what I discovered:


There are MILLIONS of businesses around the world who need help marketing their company…


Help they’re more than willing to pay people like YOU and me very good money for.


Let me give you an example…


Think about the town or city where you grew up.


Now, imagine one of your old school friends decides to start a catering business.


They’ve spent years learning about catering, cooking, recipes, etc..


…and investing in equipment, maybe a kitchen, a delivery van and all the other “stuff” you need to make those little sandwiches and sausage rolls! 


But guess what?


They don’t have any customers…


Because like most business owners, they’re great at delivering the SERVICE their biz provides…but most are AWFUL at finding new customers.


Which is why most businesses fail in the first 2 years.


Which is where you come in…


You can be their “knight in shining armour” who saves the day.


Because you’ve learnt the HIGH VALUE in-demand SKILL of online advertising and customer acquisition.


And you’ve mastered how to advertise on platforms like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook to quickly generate new leads for ANY local business.


The best part?


You’re not just limited to your home town…


You can help ANY business in ANY Western country!


You DON’T need to “know” them already…


You simply use your new skills to find clients who ALREADY need your help.


So here’s the thing…


I’ve already shown nearly 400 expats just like you how to do it inside The Lifestyle Marketeer Program…


They’re living all around the world are having amazing success…


…quitting their jobs and finally living their dream lifestyle of time, location and financial freedom.


And we’re just getting started!


Along with the Marketeer Coaches I’m updating and adding new content and training videos all the time…


Because we don’t just leave you to “go it alone” once you join…


There’s twice weekly one-on-one coaching calls so you can have all the help and support you need to succeed.


Not to mention our amazing community of expat entrepreneurs is growing everyday — it’s full of awesome people helping each other out…


They’re all working towards the same goal of generating big income online with a client based business.


If you think this might be a good fit for you too…


>> Then book a call with one of my coaches to find out more about the program


‘Cos I bet you’ve got a bunch of questions?


Well, every coach has already successfully completed the program, so you’ll have a chance to find out what it’s really like on the inside… 

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