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Why The Lifestyle Marketeer Business Model Works So Well

By James Hopkins
Achieve location independence

Why The Lifestyle Marketeer Business Model Works So Well

Today I’m going to explain to you exactly how 400 expats (and counting) are leaving their Tiresome Expat Jobs and taking back control of their life by starting their own Local Business Digital Advertising Agency.

Have you ever thought of starting your own business, but have no idea where to start?

Do you think most business people stumble across a genius idea and get lucky in the way they’ve succeeded?

Or perhaps you feel like you need to “re-invent the wheel” or “be different” in your new business?

Most people think that when starting a business, you need a brand new, whirlwind idea.

But this is far from the truth and that’s actually the most risky kind of business to start. Why? Because who knows if it will work!

The most successful businesses and business people have built their empires on pre-made, already proven successful business models..

And once you have something that works and people want/need, it’s simply a case of repeating your winning formula multiple times to multiply your success/income.

Let’s take Mcdonalds for example..

Their food sucks.. BUT people LOVE it!

They take the exact same Menu, Price, Ingredients, Colour Scheme, Uniforms, Architecture etc and build more and more restaurants.

They’re not doing anything different.. In fact, they’re keeping everything exactly.


Don’t fix what aint broken!

So, let me put this in context for you so you can see the relevance of this theory to The Lifestyle Marketeer Program:

1) I give you the Exact recipe for a highly profitable Local Business Digital Marketing Agency

2) I teach you the Skills needed to become a highly proficient Digital Marketer so you have a marketable skill business owners are willing to pay $500-$5,000/Month EACH to utilise AND how to structure your business so you can handle 20+ clients at any one time.

3) I supply pre-built systems proven to deliver leads and results for you clients

4) I teach you Exactly how to find HIGH PAYING Business Owners in need of your new Skills

5) I give you the scripts and templates of what to say, when and how to say it to Ensure you’re closing sales, landing clients and making money

6) I even provide an incredibly active Facebook Support Group and Twice Weekly Group Coaching to Ensure you’re accountable and actually take action

7) Finally, you’ll be immersed in a community of truly special, like-minded people working hard together to support each other in our future success

I provide all of these things and make all of this possible from any country in the world so you can live the lifestyle you want, wherever you want!

Sound good?

Then book a free coaching call with a Marketeer Coach to find out more about enrolling.

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