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Why You Don’t Need Experience To Start A New Business (and what you need instead)

James HopkinsFeatured Post Why You Don’t Need Experience To Start A New Business (and what you need instead)
Coffee cup with the words begin on it. Beginning your online career doesn't require previous experience. James Hopkins Coaching can show you how.

Why You Don’t Need Experience To Start A New Business (and what you need instead)

People think that starting a new business means you have to have some sort of extensive track record to begin.

They think that you need to take decades of past experience to go out and start your own business.

But the truth is, that’s not required at all.

This really comes down to the business model that you choose to go after.

At James Hopkins Coaching, we focus on building digital advertising businesses that leverage social media to help local businesses.

Do you need a marketing degree or tons of social media experience to do this?

The answer is without a doubt, no. You don’t need ANY experience to do this.

Now of course, you can contrast this to other businesses where experience is required.

If you wanted to do consulting for pharmaceutical companies, you might want to have some experience at a company before you venture into consulting for them.

Or if you wanted to start a mortgage company, you might want some experience with working with a mortgage company.

However, to start a digital advertising business, you don’t need previous experience to do so.

You don’t need to work at a digital advertising agency beforehand in order to start your own. That’s not necessary at all.

What you do need, however, is one important thing that is highly vital. We make this a huge focal point for everyone that comes into James Hopkins Coaching.

And when you have this, you can build a digital advertising business so that no one can say you aren’t capable of doing it.

Like with any high earning industry, when you have this skill, you are put in a good position to thrive and grow your business.

This important aspect is what is known as a highly valuable skill. If you’ve read any of our other articles, you’ll know that we touched on this plenty of times.

The highly valuable skill is what separates you from everyone else and gives you the leverage to truly build the business.

When you have the skills to provide high quality services to clients, it doesn’t matter about how many times you’ve done it.

What matters most is that you can do it for them.

It’s the same reason why someone goes to law school. They get to learn about law and get a law degree. When they go to a job, the job doesn’t even care about the degree, but what they care about is if the new lawyer is capable of helping their firm.

They know that the fresh lawyer doesn’t have any previous job experience. But that doesn’t stop them from getting hired because they have the skills that the firm needs.

This same principle applies to ANY industry, including digital advertising. When you can learn the highly valuable skill of digital advertising, businesses will be glad to work with you because you know more about marketing than they do.

It’s important to what we teach at James Hopkins Coaching and it’s the biggest reason why so many students have been able to start their businesses from scratch with zero experience.

When you go out to start your new digital advertising business, make sure you obtain the skills and use that to land new clients. Pretty soon, you’ll have a “highly valuable business” too.

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